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*** Standing on the viewpoint of blinking stars and planets... The future can be observed? ***

*Astrology and science*

In astrology , the work which connects heavens and matters on the earth using horoscope is needed. It is based on the idea that happening in the sky happens also on the earth. However, we the human beings are not the living things that he or she can live only according to matters happening in the sky. There is no basis that cosmos and microcosm correspond scientifically, that is no basis that a revelation of the heavenly body shown on the horoscope used in astrology is reflected in man as it is. However, why is it that astrology is fascinating us even now?

*Connection between this moment and the future*

Seeds are planted when spring comes, expectation is swollen on the plants which grow when summer comes. People are in great delight for the harvest of the crop when autumn comes and bears a severe winter while depending on the garner of the harvest. Probably, ancient people felt a seasonal change while living such a life. There are changes like spring, summer, fall and winter also in life. That's right, life is transient! The situation where a severe winter must be spent in the state where there are no savings may also happen without our doing anything in spring, summer and autumn. Ancient people invented the calendar, in order to avoid such a thing, they predicted beforehand what should be done at the time, and were performing it. It is called wisdom and the calendar has been used in astrology which is known as ancient wisdom. We have caught this wisdom as follows. That is, it is one of the tools which makes people consider what they should do with future. Isn't it because that astrology fascinating us even now is a tool which connects now and the future?

*Blinking in mysticism*

People's consciousness passes through history, and it has changed from a basic unit called circulation of one year of season considered at ancient times to the unit of one month , one week, one day, one hour, one minute, and one second with increasing speed. By the present-day high-tech time, it has reached at last to the unit of the clock frequency level of the computer of the minus 9th power of 10 second. Even if it becomes such a high-tech time, not to mention astrology declines, research and development in astrology is continuing being done to the software of astrology using this high technology. A vast quantity of data can be processed now in an instant. Astrology deepens the light of the mystery further and is still twinkling toward us. Is the future decided or not? Can the future be read from horoscope? It is a very interested theme.

*Thinking based on the latest science target*

Evolution of modern science also has a remarkable thing with evolution of the consciousness of the human beings. It was considered that the future is determined by this law in the Newtonian mechanics which Isaac Newton (1642-1727) established and is a classic now. His thought is giving a stimulus to development of the philosophy of the Enlightenment in the 18th century, and materialism strongly. However, it is valid only within all the known initial conditions and the existing limited model. When the long throw of a ball is considered, if the position and vector of the moment of throwing a ball are decided by taking gravity and air resistance into consideration, it will be able to be calculated where a ball falls on the ground. However, this acceptance is only withen the macroscopic world which we see every day, and the quantum theory is needed for explaining micro phenomena such as behavior of an atom and an electron. Although there is the uncertainty principle which the Germany physicist Heisenberg Weiner Karl (1901-76) clarified in the important feature of the quantum theory in 1927, "Uncertainty" in this does not mean "Although decided in practice, man cannot know." It means "many states exist together and it is not decided which state man will actually observe after that." There is "Laplace's demon" which French mathematician Laplace, Pierre Simon (1749‐1827) advocated. This supposes that "if there is a living thing which knows the present state of all the substances of the universe strictly, all the future of the universe will be able to be predicted completely". That is, the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg reverse the idea "the future would be decided". (Reference: Newton separate volume Quantum theory Editorial-supervision Sumio Wada)

*The future myth of life*

Although it is similar to Laplace's demon that the future can be predicted completely by astrology, we think that predicting with an observation point using horoscope is effective when following life. It is because horoscope can be compared to one seed. A seed will shoot out a sprout, if environment is ready. Then a flower will be made to bloom, if a root is spread, a stalk is swollen and the time comes. Horoscope also spreads various possibilities around in our thinking like this seed at that moment when time is ripe. Then, as if the possibilities are expanded to the real world and made the shining future, it helps to employ our creativity efficiently in this world. It is because the horoscope can serve as a screen which projects its own myth for each person. We would appreciate if you can progress life expansively better with helps of what was projected on this screen as hints.



*** Horoscope is a miniature of the universe with an art from the ancient times ***

*The ecliptic and the horizon*

Horoscope is made on the basis of a certain point on the earth. For example, let's think and see on the basis of the place which we are placed now. First, regardless of daytime or night, we see the horizon of the east in which the sun rises. Then, a way exists there as the appearance of the sun on the celestial sphere called the ecliptic. The intersection of an east horizon and the ecliptic is called Ascendant in astrology. And the intersection of a west horizon and the ecliptic is called Descendant.If now is the time of sunrise, the sun will rise in the point of Ascendant. And if it is the time of sunset, the sun will set at the point of Descendant. If we see from the place on the earth, it will become such above expression, but let's change a viewpoint and proceed further discussion using the global map shown below. (This map is output from the software tool we developed.)

*The ascendant shown in the global map*

The black dot is described in the position on the point of Japan in this global map. The black curve is drawn, and this curve shows the boundary when the hemisphere of the earth is irradiated by straight line light like laser light from infinity of the sky toward the black dot on Japan. This figure is what combined the global map and the celestial chart, and the horizon of MC (ASC) line is the side of the east horizone and the west side is indicated by MC (DSC). The dotted line of lavender shows the ecliptic, Ascendant which explained in the top is shown by the intersection of MC (ASC) line and the ecliptic, and Descendant is shown by the intersection of MC (DSC) and the ecliptic. Since the earth rotates at speed of about 1 degree in 4 minutes, a continent, a black dot, and a MC(ASC)/MC (DSC) line will be shifted rightward at the speed. It is sunrise, if the sun is on the intersection of MC (ASC) line and the ecliptic, and sunset if the sun is on the intersection of MC (DSC) line and the ecliptic.



*The moon's path*

To the solar ecliptic, a way also exists as the appearance of the moon on a celestial sphere, and this is called the moon's path. In astrology, the ascending node which crosses the ecliptic from south to north is called North node, the descending node at which the moon's path crosses the ecliptic from north to south is called a South node. If three points of the sun, the moon and the North node, or a south node overlap in an astronomical phenomenon, the event of a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse on the earth has a higher probability. In that case, the moon between the sun and the earth shows a solar eclipse, the earth between the sun and the moon causes a lunar eclipse.


*Actors and stages in horoscope*

horoscopeIn addition to sun and moon, Mercury and Venus called the inner planets, Mars, Jupitar, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Plute called the outer planets are also used in Astrology. Since these planets move on near the ecliptic, they are expressed by using the celestial longitude on ecliptic coordinates in a horoscope. The ascending node of the ecliptic and the equator is called the vernal equinox. In Western astrology, Aries to Pices are assigned on horoscope on the basis of this point, and horoscope as shown in the figure is completed.




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