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Welcome to Astrology World

We can get huge information now easily with development of technology in recent years. However, the environment where each individual is placed differs and it is becoming difficult for us to take useful information quickly and correctly. We live in the middle of a flood of information with choosing information. Experience obtained there teaches people, trial and error are repeated, and information serves as intelligence and evolves. Intelligence is informed from person-to-person, and through long history, it is stimulated as wisdom and achieves the further evolution.

Astrology is one of the way to connect wisdom which is still shining through long history. Arrangement of certain instantaneous planets is expressed with the chart called horoscope, and an astrologer reads required information. However, astrology is not indispensable by any means in our life. We cannot contact all person, all books, all TV and radio programs in the world. It is natural that there is also a person who does not make and read one's horoscope throughout his or her life. Unless tuning a channel, you cannot access there.

Moreover, as there is an area of strength by people, channels used by them are different from person to person. A person may be good at getting information from people, or from a book, or -- from media, such as television, radio, the Internet, intuition, meditation, a tarot, feng shui, and I-Chin. Each person has a favorite channel. Although it seems that the information by these channels is acquired by chance, it turns out that it is not accidental and it is necessary in a future point. It may be what is called synchronicity. Usually, people may never be unable to remove a filter with consciousness. In this case, we cannot find the true shape, ture color and so on. Just such a time, we should access individual favorite channels.

Making horoscope, there are messages only for you at the moment. Astrologer merely reads messages nobody knows. Various thoughts and impressions are experienced in it at the moment of obtaining the message. Then, from what was told through the obtained words or these media, you may have courage and hope or sadness and anger may well up. Such things should serve as a driving force and should be pushing aside our life to a front to a front. In astrology, some information regarding ourselves are sent to us from horoscope as like switching on television and radio, opening a book, or talking with people.

How about releasing daily just for a moment and watching from viewpoint of blinking stars and planets in the sky? The assignment of the moment that you are born makes the horoscope. This can be a mandala of yourself. If you seek, it will answer for you. Then what do you ask the blinking stars and planets? supports your first step to wisdom.




To the book authors:
We have the media, the blolg and the mail magazine as the theme of Astrology in Japan. If you are book author and want to show your book to Japanese people, contact us as follows with your profile and the short review of your books. (It's no charge, but only books can be purchased in amazon.)


We can translate it, and show your books to Japanese people by using our media.

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